I meet each client and create a process and a plan based on each client’s individual needs and goals.

I have been called a “transformation artist” as I am known for building a room around existing pieces that a family loves - or I can completely rework a room or a home from the ground up.

Sometimes this entails moving furniture, art and accessories around either within the room or within the house.  It’s amazing how a room can change by relocating your current pieces.

Regardless of the details of the process, it is always collaborative.  You can be in the driver’s seat or you can sit back and let me run the show.  The goal is to get you a wonderful outcome as a team.

The process is also flexible - no project is too small.

As I always say, interior design can be most meaningful when it is done deliberately, gradually and over time.  Make some key changes - live with them - and see what inspires you next.  I’m in this with you for the long haul and love to see the beauty of your home unfold one project at a time.