Sacred Spaces

Shortly after joining Congregation Shearith Israel (CSI), I was asked to participate in the redesign of a few of the main areas of the synagogue- the main entry, which also serves as the lobby, the small chapel, and the sanctuary. More recently, we updated all of the restrooms in the synagogue. They now have a calm spa like atmosphere.

I was part of a team with two architects who are also synagogue members. There were many strong personalities and deep historical perspective involved in this project.

As part of this very meaningful project, I was able to collaborate with renowned artist and iron-worker, Andrew Crawford, on the design of several important pieces in the main sanctuary and the chapel such as the menorah in both areas, and a ner tamid (Eternal Light) in the chapel.

This was a very sentimental and rewarding project. I think that it is very important for congregants and families to feel that our sacred space is in keeping with current design, while at the same time offers a timeless appeal. It is wonderful to hear from fellow members how much they enjoy the new spaces. Just recently a friend/member said that she smiles & thinks of me when she looks at the beautiful fabrics and colors in the sanctuary. This is exactly why I love what I am able to bring to life through design.