Evolution of a Home

I have worked with the DiFrancesco family since 1997 when they first moved into their home with 1 young son. At that time, they wanted their home to be beautiful, functional, inviting and kid-friendly.

As the family grew and the children grew up, the design of the home was evolving with them. They were beginning to live in their house differently and needed to make some significant changes in order to stay in the house and the neighborhood long-term.

The boys’ rooms were given updated looks, even repurposing family furniture from the 1950’s.

We modified the basement to reflect the updated needs of their sons. The result is a very cool and comfortable teen zone.

Also, to further maximize the basement space, we used clever fabric treatments to section off storage areas and keep them separate from the new teen zone.

I was invited to discuss a whole new image for the family room after a dozen years since the first design. It’s so rewarding to “age” with my clients and help evolve their homes to meet the needs of their changing lifestyles.