Bringing New Life to Wonderful Treasures

I was asked to work on several areas of the Merlino family’s home. They had acquired many beautiful and sentimental architectural pieces through the wife’s family that they wanted to integrate throughout their home.

We brought new life to a mid century modern bench, and added some pizzazz to a simple 1980’s leather sofa. A non-working fireplace was repurposed into one that has a 1920’s façade with working gas interior. We were able to elegantly add privacy curtains while allowing light to flow in the front areas of the home. The master bedroom received an upgrade with new window treatments, a luxurious rug, and special chair, while working with the beautiful existing pieces of the room. The sitting room off of the kitchen got a special makeover using durable fabrics, which allow the family to have a worry free zone without sacrificing interest or comfort.

Overall, these changes added many refreshing and rejuvenating touches to the home and allowed us to weave in many special family heirlooms throughout the house.